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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. These cloud computing web services provide a variety of basic abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and tools. One of these services is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which allows users to have at their disposal a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet. AWS's version of virtual computers emulates most of the attributes of a real computer, including hardware central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) for processing; local/RAM memory; hard-disk/SSD storage; a choice of operating systems; networking; and pre-loaded application software such as web servers, databases, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Back in 2016 Josh Rhine wrote a piece for LumeCloud stating 5 of the reasons why AWS Isn’t Everything It’s Cracked Up:

Commodity computing power that’s rented on a pay-by-the-hour basis is not the best solution for most applications and business needs. AWS is a cloud environment that’s not a good fit for a lot of businesses and it’s (surprisingly) not as cheap as you might think.

1. SHOW ME THE MONEY AWS is often touted as a ‘cost saver’. The reality is that only in very few cases is it truly the cheapest option. AWS adds individual charges for everything that happens in your environment. Variable pricing can appear attractive because it’s easy to market, but it’s not cheaper when you add in all the hidden fees, overages, and individual charges for everything (including Support). Sure, turning ‘instances’ on and off seems like a great feature (if/when you actually remember to do it) but it eliminates cost predictability which can lead to more problems with planning and budgeting.

Lume delivers an environment that provides all the flexibility you desire with costs you can control. We provide simple and transparent pricing that’s easy to understand. A true apples-to-apples comparison shows that we can beat the (real) costs of an AWS environment with an overall level of performance that blows them out of the water.

2. UPTIME AND SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA) Reliability and uptime are two of the most basic building blocks for choosing a provider. With AWS, you are accepting an extremely significant decrease in uptime.

Lume provides 99.999% uptime AWS provides 99.95% uptime We put our money where our mouth is. Our solutions are backed by one of the strongest and most confident SLAs in the industry. When did less reliability become acceptable?

3. AWS DOES NOT GAURANTEE PERFORMANCE Services offered by AWS offer guarantees for resource capacity (compute, RAM, ‘Buckets’, etc). AWS will even let you buy additional ‘reserved instances’ for buffering your performance (this creates another problem of overpaying as you’ll end up paying for reserves that you really don’t need).

Because of over provisioning, AWS offers almost no performance guarantees. While you may have the raw capacity promised, these resources will not be operating at the performance levels you need. This is due to network latency and it won’t change no matter how many EC2 instances and ‘Buckets’ you have. Where your data lives matters.

Lume never over provisions our resources. Our solutions are engineered to perform based on your exact needs. In addition, our global footprint of data centers lets you choose where your environment is hosted. This offers several benefits, one of which is lower network latency and better overall performance.

4. TECHNICAL SUPPORT When something goes wrong, you need to know that you can rely on the support of your provider to fix the problem immediately. AWS provides tiered Support levels:

Developer: $49/month Business: Greater of $100 – or – 10% of monthly AWS usage for the first $0–$10K 7% of monthly AWS usage from $10K–$80K 5% of monthly AWS usage from $80K–$250K 3% of monthly AWS usage over $250K Enterprise: Greater of $15,000 – or – 10% of monthly AWS usage for the first $0–$150K 7% of monthly AWS usage from $150K–$500K 5% of monthly AWS usage from $500K–$1M 3% of monthly AWS usage over $1M Lume includes enterprise-grade support for every solution – no gimmicks, no tiers. We have a team of expert Support Technicians that are available 24/7 to help you. We’re here to help. We take pride in providing the highest level of Support and Customer Service around.

5. UNMANAGED MEANS YOU HAVE TO DO IT…ALL OF IT With AWS, you have to do it – all of it. For example, AWS regularly sends out costumer alerts informing you that one (or more) of your instances must be moved around because of maintenance. This requires you to stop what you’re doing and relocate the EC2 instance somewhere else. Who has time for that?

If you’re running your apps on AWS, you’ll always have to treat the environment with ‘kiddy gloves’ and risk being affected by maintenance activities. Lume provides hands-on management of your environment that allows you to free up resources and personnel to focus on other important areas and priorities.

You Need a Partner, Not Just a Provider Creating the right hosting solution for your business requires coordination and expertise. Expertise in compute, storage, networking, security, virtualization, operating systems, and various software solutions.

You also need engineers who are experts in data center operations and rock solid 24/7 support that can resolve any issues that may happen at a moments notice.

The ability to bring all of these areas of expertise, people, technologies, and solutions together is what makes Lume the best at what we do.

Spike Patching from the United Kingdom shared in a review "Amazon Web Services has an absolute lack of support, unprofessional, frequent attacks, unavailable servers regularly, they deliver critical notifications by email. No personal service at all. You must pay extra for support and they do not support you."


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Current Employee - AWS Account Executive says

"The Culture - Working in sales at AWS is a nightmare. I'm shocked by how normalized the toxicity is here. People crying at their desks and working 60 hour workweeks out of pure fear of not "raising the bar". No one is ever recognized for their work unless they shamelessly self promote themselves. Leadership - Front line sales managers at AWS are notoriously bad. These are typically newly promoted, former individual contributors who have ZERO leadership skills whatsoever. They almost universally have very low EQ, are extremely Type A, chronically micromanage, and very rarely agree to promote anyone on their team. Pay - Pay is very low compared to competitors. Hiring process - I was misled by recruiters during the interview process. I was told that my desired salary was "well within the range" for my job, but when I was sent my offer after interviewing, it was more than $100K short. Career development - Amazon has "levels". Most AWS territory sales reps are hired as an L5 or L6, but some are hired as L4. If you are hired as an L4, you will have no opportunities beyond your current job, you will earn upwards of $100K less than your peers who do the exact same work, and it will be almost impossible to get promoted."

Former Contractor - AWS Deployment Engineer says

"contractors are expected to get up to speed and onboard in a couple of months versus a FTE which are allowed 6 months or more. If you go there as an engineer contractor expect to be abused by some FTEs team member. Management is from certain ethnic background and it shows the preferential hiring tactics aimed at the same ethnicity."

Former Employee - Senior Manager AWS says

"Treat employees like doormats. Full of negative energy"

Current Employee - Risk Investigator - AWS Variable Fraud says

"Metrics are always changing and can be very difficult to meet If you voice your concerns with management, they will listen for a little (if at all) and ultimately disregard your concerns. They will then tell you to follow Amazon's leadership principle of "Disagree and Commit" which basically is saying you can disagree to management's decision, but you ultimately have to disregard your original concern and do what they say."

Current Employee - Aws Sysde says

"There were some great people managers but overall the situation is getting worse overtime. Management is very demanding and not efficiently using employees skills. Motivation skills are very poor. Stick is overused compared to the carrot."

Former Employee - AWS Territory Account Manager says

"Too many to mention. A good summary: -You end up managing your manager when you focus should be on generating revenue -Some managers prioritize their own tasks and deadlines over your own customers' priorities -Confrontational management: highlights your mistakes and shortcomings in front of other team members. Pits team members against each other by asking what you think of your team members -Commission cap: the variable component is limited and accelerators are capped. The bulk of your pay is in salary. Little chance of knocking it out of the park -Microsoft + Oracle culture: leadership and senior team members are hired from these companies and therefore all the negative aspects of company culture exist - bureaucracy, stack ranking, managing up, etc."

Current Employee - AWS Team says

"Mid Level Management and BD for AWS is based on egos and face time. They do not participate until they sense success then they push the actual contributor aside and literally take over. Mid level style is very political."

Solutions Architect AWS says

"Hiring complexity leads to promises that can't be fulfilled. Mid level management is really poor. They don't care about people. Leveling obsessions. Overall perk worst than other companies."

Former Employee - AWS Infrastructure says

"Culture is very political and a lot of management strong arms their reports to deliver results while providing little if any leadership. Sink or swim environment. I lasted 5 years but seen so many last less than a year."

Former Employee - Sales Strategy, Operarations & Enablement @ AWS says

"- poor management - little work life balance - poor benefits (medical, insurance etc.) apart from the good salary"

Scott says

"I have had AWS for about a year. Now, that I want to move my domain name to Spectrum Business, my cable company, so I can take advantage of custom email addresses, Amazon and AWS HAS CONTRACTED AN ACUTE CASE OF THE STUPIDS! I have been trying unsuccessfully for a month to just get my domain released. They process is shrouded in secrecy and mystery, nobody I ever get knows anything about it. They all claim to have \"escalated\" my request to the appropriate person, and nothing ever gets done. I still haven\'t been able to complete this release which should take all of 2 minutes tops! I curse the day I ever used Amazon for my hosting. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!"

Bob says

"If you want to drown in accidental complexity then AWS is the service for you"

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